Choosing the right ND Filters?

A lot can go into creating the right “bokeh” while filming and while keeping that low aperture down. Using variable ND filters can be a game changer into accomplishing that. It took awhile to find the right brand that wasn’t going to cost me an arm and a leg. After searching for awhile I decided to go with @mygobe variable ND and now I have three sets and they haven’t failed me yet.

I think every videographer/photographer should have these in their arsenal. It’s another tool to have to achieve more flexibility with your depth of field without blowing out your highlights. By using the variable type of ND filter gives you the option to change brightness on the fly without changing out single style filter.

Ideally as you keep on adding more and more gear to your arsenal, remember to be patient to finding all the specific items. You will notice as you keep adding, you will start to down size your gear as time goes by. Remember cameras, filters, microphones and more are just the tools to help you. But it’s up to you to have vision and create your message!

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